March 19, 2008


Alma Mather

Are we to understand that you didn't get into America AGAIN? Why don't you just spring for a proper visa?

But I suppose if you did that, it wouldn't make headlines, would it?

This ought to be a lesson to you and your publishers. No matter how you spin it in the press, you just can't polish a turd. The people who succeed are generally the people who deserve to succeed. You've been smacking your greasy head up against the brick wall Fame for many years now, and all you've succeeded with are cheap publicity stunts. Maybe it's time you threw in the towel and moved back home with mum? You'll always be a failure.

Alma Mather

What's the matter, Basti? I thought you of all people understood the importance of free speech. So then why did you feel the need to delete my last comment?

For someone who's supposed to be so totally outrageous, you certainly are a coward.

Alma Mather

Begging your pardon, I see that you haven't actually deleted my comments.

I wish I could say I respected you more for leaving them here, but nothing could ever make me respect you in the first place.


John Lydon showed extremely good taste when he snubbed you, sir. That you thought he would do anything else is laughable. He saw you for what you are.


I've been reading up on you. As an American, I'm proud that you were denied entry into my Nation. We have all kinds of riff-raff wandering loose, in my defiled land, and I'm bitterly pleased that they stopped at least one dreg from dripping slime all over American soil. You are a complete degenerate, and your life is utterly worthless. Harmful, in fact, as you encourage degeneracy in weak-minded, aimless syncophants. Yes - your parents were disgraceful, reprobate booze-hounds - but you could have risen above their idiocy. You chose not to. You chose to throw every asset birth bestowed right into the gutter, and then wrote about the sordid spectacle of your gifts mixing and vanishing down the drain of History with the refuse and slime. SHAME on you! Should you be remembered at all, whenever you do slither out of your tacky mortal coil, it will only be as a vaguely distastful foot-note - a sad example of the utter collapse of the English Nation. And you are not a dandy! Your clothes are dreadful. The Shade of Beau Brummel will clutch your collar, when you die, and bitch-slap you, twice, before your final descent into your miserable slot in overhead-flourescent-lit Hell.


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Why they denied your entrance to USA ? That's pretty unfair, you're a great memoirist and definitely you don't deserve that kind of treat.

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