June 02, 2008


Research Paper

Many institutions limit access to their online information. Making this information available will be an asset to all.

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Too bad you are dead - I just got to know you.

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Does that make sense. It made perfect sense to the COMCAST customer service rep I spoke with. Actually it made perfect sense to all three COMCAST customer service reps I spoke with.
I went ballistic.

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I miss it and I look forward to a day when I myself no longer have a computer tied to my hind quarters right along with the cell phone. I am not condemning these things, just stating what they are, "convienences". Just like anything else.

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We weren't allowed to do that with nicer furniture, of course, but I think my parents figured that they weren't exactly pricey pieces to begin with... and, in a way, they looked better with the stickers :)

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On the other hand the Times chart may have well been just a table. What was the use of the donuts? Your chart did a great job of actually visualizing the data and conveyed the illustrated concept much more clearly.

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