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March 23, 2007


Kyle Cowper

As a boy close to Sebastian, i remember him and my father being close but i also remember sebastian touching me as a child. It traumatises me every day and the only reason im typing this is cause im drunk.I wouldnt admitt it otherwise as id be utterly humiliated. This man is an animal who slagged his wife off after she died to show class. And refused to speak to my sister when she confronted him to defend his actions what a joke!

James Duff

Child abuser u did me too!

Eoghan Molloy

I saw your crucifixion it was pathetic! HaHa! I Hear you roam SoHo What a sad man!! x

David Adam

Why is this place so full of wankers?

Sebastian, fuck these cunts.

Candi Suxxgood

RIP Sebastian! You were such a classic example of beauty in a human being! You will be missed by so many!!

Good night!

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“A while back they gave away stickers of the sign with Creative Review (I think). I’ve still yet to find the most apposite place to affix it. Maybe to the door of a real brothel.” thanks

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