August 28, 2007



Nice save of that trite Samuel Johnson quote, bravo.

Tony O'Neill

Dear Sebastian,

I hope your note gave the little toad something to masterbate over.

St Paul

Got your book yesterday - I was at Dawn's crack reading it.The passages on heroin-induced constipation reached a new low - bravo! My question: it's none of my business, of course, but did Rachael 2 have a steamy affair with Catherine Zeta Jones?


Those that can-- FUCK, and those that cannot vilify the high flyers.
Remember, most men lead lives of quiet desperation and we my friend are the uncomfortable reminder of that.


Dear Sebastian,

Some people won't like the book because its honest and that scares them, they don't see what is happening with people around them or they choose not to see.

I personnally loved the book, but in the sequal (you see I have faith) tell it how it really is, no cover ups!

Having seen both Rachel's you are indeed a v. lucky man, although you wont want to believe it. Are they both spoken for at the moment?

Its a pity I missed you in Clouds, it would have made the time pass more elegantly.

Hope your doing something really despicable to celebrate your sucess, yes sucess !

A question, did the errr lady on the cusions in Amsterdam, say anything.......


I might have known you had a blog, you absolutely wonderful thing.

I enjoyed your book greatly. I'm a bookseller and I shall be recommending it to those of my customers who I think could take it.

I wish I were a man so I could be a dandy. Breasts spoil the line of a suit.



I am writing a cookbook for cannibals and am interested to know how you would like to be cooked...


ny guess? spit roasted. ;)


Amazing book. Often hilarious, occasionally disturbing, always honest. My only disappointment was to find out that you neglected to shave on the day of your crucifixion.

Polly Fraser

Pretty pointless really. just more avoidance dressed up in clever language and 'dandyism', stop wasting time!

jamie williams

Dear Seb

Is it possible for me me to buy a signed picture of you? If so where can i buy this, or even better get one free. xx

Clare Dundas

He's gone, and there's a dank and dreary chill in the air because of it. x

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