February 01, 2008


Bark Pamphlet

What about the penguins?

As for the fuck - how's lunchtime for you?

Mrs Hitewhouse.

For someone who professes to prefer paid-for sex in place of anything else, the "Fancy a fuck?" last paragraph always seems a little faux.

But overall, not a bad blog entry. See me after class, young sebastian. It's time for
your enema.




Exactly what I think.....extinction is a natural process, millions of people in third-world countries shall be wiped out due to a lack of resources, and then the world will go back to normal.

By the way, have you ever heard of Steve Reich? I think you'd like him. Makes the most un-pretentious modern music today. He makes Philip Glass look like an amateur, without being a twat.


Wooly neo liberal fuckwits funking over binky whales and polar icecaps.....meglomanic mediocre media-sluts tabloid-bating low level muppetry.....the worldwide spectacle of a new kind of 'democracy'....whilst behind the scenes its still the same old elite drunk on power pissing on the dreams of the sober....these are a few of my favorite things to abhor....from the latest hypedup bandwagon to the puppeteers in power....and theres not much we can do...but be honest. About the filth and complexity of life. Its beauty, intoxications and its squalour. Refreshing to read something from someone who's actually experienced life.

Auld Hat

Just saw your interview in Canada on 'The Hour'.
"There comes a point where you have to do deliberately what you used to do by accident"
That was brilliant!

harold hollingsworth

Just watched the CBC as well and enjoyed your chat very much and agree with the line above, glad to have heard your name and to see Act II


Are you still alive? More rantings please.


Your post is a silly distraction from dealing with issues far beyond your self absorption. The universe doesn't deal kindly with "The environment is everything that isn’t me.", and most creatures that ignore the environment have the displeasure of existing in it for a limited time.

Larry Teabag

Credit to you Sebastian, that crucifixion thing was bloody hilarious. But this blog... Jesus, man, get it sorted out. Look, I get it: you don't give a fuck about the environment, or genocide, or your own life, or the extinction of humanity. In fact you don't give a fuck about *anything*. That's serene man, really.

But couldn't you try and think of a new direction to take this, now that you've got that fact firmly established? Just moping about, droning on about the futility of existence like some never-ending shite-geyser doesn't really pop my cork to be honest. I mean, your last post was griping about the fucking weather for Satan's sake.

Incidentally I'd be glad to suck your cock for you. So cut it off and slip it in the post to:

Adolf Hitler,
St Trinian's Girls School,

Canada Goose Jacket


Belstaff Jackets


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