March 12, 2008



How absolutely splendid. I think it is all great and you deserve it. But have you re-entered yourself yet? That is when you need to start worrying and say goodbye to the artery-clogged morbidly obese salt-fed vicodin-bleached society that is America. That is when you need to run back to the white, pinched ravagers of Soho.

harold hollingsworth

I Love America, And America Loves Me to lift from Joseph Beuys and sew it on yourself! Like his transforming performance, we look forward to yours Sebastian. Being shot doesn't hurt, until much later, and after you wake, but with your schedule, waking will be for others!


I am so ashamed of my country. Oscar Wilde was welcome in America, but not under the Bush Regime.

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, where art,decadence and antisemitism are in vogue. I feel like I'm living in 1939 Berlin and it is truly frightening.

I apologize as an American. I look forward to the day you visit San Francisco. Your readings/exhibits/performances will be SRO.


I'm an essayist living in Philadelphia. I heard your essay on NPR, and am currently 1/2 way through your memoir.

I'm very sorry you were turned away. I think Americans can stand to benefit from a little velvet and a little come.

Gordon Hulley

Ah well, pride before the fall Mr. Horsley.
I doubt I'd get easily into the US myself now...
I shall be reading your book.

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Leah Sims

dirty and sweet.....i wanna be your dog!

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